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05 Aug 2019
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Specification of Starfruit Porcelain Insulator

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In electrical installations, there are 2 types, namely conductors and insulators. The conductor serves to deliver electric current. While the insulator is the opposite, which serves to hold or inhibit the transfer of electric current. Usually the materials used as electrical insulators include rubber, glass, mica, plastic, composite, fiber, etc. In addition, ceramic or porcelain materials can also be used as insulators.

Use of Starfruit Porcelain Insulator has several advantages and disadvantages because of the ingredients. Advantages of Insulators These starfruit porcelain include can be used for high voltage electrical installations, Isolator Isolator Porcelain is durable against humidity and temperature, Isolator Porcelain Starfruit has a relatively strong material, as well as Starfruit Porcelain Insulator has a relatively cheap price.

While the shortcomings of the use of starfruit porcelain insulators include breaking easily when dropped, coupled with starfruit porcelain insulator material which tends to be heavy, and when producing in a certain size this starfruit ceramic insulator has considerable tolerance.

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